Parents—you CAN help your toddler start talking!

Discover the expert strategies that will help you get your toddler talking more, frustrated less, and off to the best possible start with speech, language, and learning!

Yes! I want to help my toddler start talking

Your child understands

They play like other kids,
they’ve met all of their milestones…

Except one: They just aren’t talking.


We've all been there! Your toddler wants something, but they can't tell you what it is

You feel
helpless because can't read their mind and figure it out.  Cue the frustration, tantrums, and tears, right?

You know every child goes through a phase when they can't tell you what they want and gets frustrated, but this seems to be going on and on. 

When will they just be able to tell you they want the banana.
They can bring you a banana when you ask and point to a banana in a book...

Why won't they just say banana?!?

Your pediatrician may have advised you to "wait and see" since your child is on track with all of their other milestones.  You may hear stories about kids who didn't start talking until they were 3 and are "fine," but your gut tells you they should be saying more.

You keep wondering, "Why aren't they talking?"

Wouldn't it be great if we could read their minds?

  • Your child can tell you they want the snack without tears, meltdowns, or tantrums.

  • You hear your sweet toddler's voice telling you about their day as you tuck them in at night

  • Your toddler can tell you why they're crying

  • You can finally answer a confident "Yes!" to all of the questions about your child's speech development during visits to your pediatrician
Imagine when...

Won't they "catch up" on their own?

20-30% of Late Talkers continue to struggle with language development (1)

Speech isn't just another developmental milestone.

It's the foundation for all learning!

But there's good news: early intervention DOES make a difference!

Research shows that early intervention—the sooner the better—is extremely effective for Late Talkers.

When we help toddlers early on, we can also help their language improve as well as other skills that depend on language, like reading, and social skills.


Hawa, V. V. & Spanoudis, G. (2014). Toddlers with delayed expressive language: An overview of the characteristics, risk factors and language outcomes. Researchers in Developmental Disabilities, 35, 400-407.

You spend more time with your child than a speech therapist ever could

Connection is at the heart of communication and you know and understand your child better than anyone else

Learning to talk happens during the small, everyday moments

Research shows that when parents learn strategies to help their late talking toddler, it is as effective—if not more effective—than when speech therapists deliver the therapy! (1)

It’s the small moments that add up make a big difference. Knowing how to respond during every day interactions like going for a walk and getting dressed add up to make a BIG difference. 

You are the perfect person to help your child talk! 

Roberts, M., & Kaiser, A. (2011). The Effectiveness of Parent-Implemented Language Intervention: A Meta-Analysis. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 20, 180-199.

As a speech therapist specializing in working with little ones, I get to support families on their journey to those first words and beyond!

More importantly, I’m the mom of a toddler and I understand the magic and mess of toddlerhood. I know the effort it takes some days just to get out the door!

That’s why I’m here to share simple and easy to implement strategies that fit right into your (sometimes crazy) day.

These are the same strategies I share with parents in my Private Practice specializing in late-talking toddlers as well as at home, with my own little girl, to foster language and connection during everyday moments.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Hi, I'm Brooke!

Here's What You Can Expect From
The Late-Talker Toolkit

Proven speech therapy strategies to help your late-talking toddler say more words (not just understand more language!)

Real-life video examples of my daughter and I using the strategies throughout our day

A decrease in meltdowns, tantrums, and tears

Confidence knowing how to help your child talk and get off to the best possible start with speech and language

Your downloadable action plan will make it easy to quickly reference each strategy

 Action plan

Gain the confidence you need  to know what to do to help your toddler talk

have confidence

The best part-you'll see me using each strategy with my own toddler so you know exactly how to do it at home

Real-life examples

Discover how to use everyday routines help your child use more words 

easy to implement

Each strategy is research-based and designed specifically for late-talking toddlers 

Actionable steps

This course is taught by a Certified Speech Therapist specializing in working with toddlers

Taught by an Expert

Help you get your toddler talking

A course designed to

Module 1: Tune-In to Turn the Language On:

Discover how to transform everyday moments into opportunities to jumpstart your child's speech and how to keep the momentum going

Module 2:  Respond Like a Rockstar

Learn exactly how to talk like a Speech Pathologist that will make words easier for your child to learn and SAY

Module 3:  Help them say (without saying, "say")

Learn why you can finally eliminate "say" from your vocabulary and exactly what to say and do instead (that actually works!) Includes my "Words that Work" Activity Guide, your blueprint for targeting the right words

What's Inside
The Late-Talker Toolkit

Module 4: Read like a Speech Therapist!

Ever wonder how to read a book like a Speech Therapist? I'll show you how to transform books into vehicles for talking and build a love for reading early on.  

Module 5: "Ready, Set, Go!"

I'll show you how turn everyday activities into routines that get your little one talking. Unlock the magic of simple and engaging activities that will keep your child asking for more!

Module 6: Prioritize Play 

Not sure how to play? I've got you covered! I'll show you how to play and what to say to get your little one talking

  • Understand typical speech sound development so that as your toddler starts talking, you know what's normal with speech sound development and when to refer to a Speech Pathologist

Bonus #1: Speech Sounds-is this normal?

Bonus #2: Books that get them talking

In Addition to The Toolkit, You'll Also Receive...


  • I'll show exactly how I read 5 of my favorite books to get toddlers talking


One payment

 You can help your toddler talk!

"We love seeing the progress Iyla makes every week with these strategies!"

Monica, Parent of Iyla

Get immediate access to The Late-Talker Toolkit  

"Late Talkers" are toddlers between 18-30 months old who are meeting all of their milestones, except for the words that they are saying

Yes! This course shows your exactly how to use strategies to be proactive with helping your child talk and will help you understand typical speech development

You have lifetime access to this course.  Watch anytime it's convenient for you!

who is this course for?

My child is younger than 18 months. Will this still be helpful?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a busy parent too! I understand how you only get small pockets of time here and there throughout the day.
I certainly don't have time for long videos, and I bet you don't either.  That's why I kept the videos and the teaching points bite-sized. You'll be able to absorb the information better and take action faster. The entire course takes about an hour to watch

How long is this course?

Yes! Knowing exactly how to support your child at home will help accelerate your child's progress in speech therapy. 

Programs such as Early Intervention can be difficult to qualify for unless there is a significant delay, This course is meant to fill that gap.

I am a certified Speech Pathologist.  I spent the first six years of my career working for the Birth-3 Program (ECI) and the past six years in Private Practice specializing in working with late-talking toddlers 

We are already getting speech. Will this still be helpful?

my child didn't qualify for therapy. Will this still be helpful?

How long do i have to watch this?

What are your qualifications?

Discover how to choose words tailored to your child to accelerate them to the next level with my Words That Work Activity Guide.

downloadable Workbook and action steps 

See the strategies in action so you feel confident knowing exactly what to do to help your toddler talk

videos examples of the tools in action

Lifetime access to the  tools you need to help your toddler start talking so that they can tell you what they want, need, thin, and feel

video modules

What's included in the course?

let's recap

parent of E

parent of C

-Parent of O

"I know every child goes through a stage where what they want to say exceeds what they can say, but with C it just went on and on! There were epic meltdowns and it was frustrating! Brooke showed us how to make learning new words fun!"

"I know you're not supposed to compare, but I would hear other kids his age talking in phrases and I would I get so worried! I would spiral wondering if he was always going to be behind. He says things now I never would have imagined. Thank you!"

"Working with Brooke has given us strategies that are simple, effective, and easy to integrate with our existing daily routines. We often felt lost and overwhelmed when it came to teaching our son how to communicate, but Brooke showed us methods we could use to take a more targeted approach,"

  • Your child is meeting all of their milestones, but they're not saying many words (less than 24 words between 18-20 months, less than 40 words at 21-24 months, and less than 100 words at 24 months or not combining words at 24 months)

  • You want proven strategies specifically for "Late-Talkers" 

  • You want to encourage your child's speech and language skills at home with strategies form a Speech-Pathologist

  • You're waiting to start speech therapy, looking to supplement therapy at home,
       or looking for a "first line of defense" to help your toddler with their speech development    

This course is for you if...

All information presented on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be taken as personal medical advice. Information should not replace the judgment of a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who is evaluating and/or treating your child. It is the responsibility of the guardian to seek appropriate evaluation and treatment when they are concerned about their child. By using this website, you agree that you understand individual outcomes may vary

I'm so confident you will know exactly how to help your little one start talking, decrease their frustration, and feel confident doing it, that if you're not 100% delighted with the course, I'm happy to refund you! No questions asked! Just e-mail

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I've been there too. My daughter has been on her own journey with Physical and Occupational Therapy. Having the tools to help Aubrey at home made all the difference for us!

You didn't cause your child's speech delay, BUT you ARE the best person to help.

Let me show you how!

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